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Fast policy networks in the construction of the computing curriculum

Ben Williamson Computing has replaced ICT in the English National Curriculum, bringing an emphasis on Computer Science, learning to code, and computational thinking into schools. For the last couple of months,  Bethan Mitchell and I have been conducting a small-scale … Continue reading

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Social media and public pedagogies of political mis-education

Ben Williamson Over the past few months the close knit relationship of education with software and data has become a defining feature of political life in democratic societies. In a year that has seen ‘post-truth‘ named as word of the … Continue reading

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Pearson, IBM Watson and cognitive enhancement technologies in education

Ben Williamson Image: Atomic Taco The world’s largest edu-business, Pearson, partnered with one of the world’s largest computing companies, IBM, at the end of October 2016 to develop new approaches to education in the ‘cognitive era.’ Their partnership was anticipated … Continue reading

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Assembling ClassDojo

A sociotechnical survey of a public sphere platform Ben Williamson The world’s most successful educational technology is ClassDojo. Originally developed as a smartphone app for teachers to reward ‘positive behaviour’ in classrooms, it has recently extended significantly to become a … Continue reading

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Super-fast education policy fantasies

Ben Williamson Image by CSCW In recent years the pace of education policy has begun to pick up speed. As new kinds of policy influencers such as international organizations, businesses, consultancies and think tanks have entered into educational debates and … Continue reading

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Performing data

‘Performance information’ in the Scottish Government national improvement plan for education Ben Williamson At the end of June 2016 the Scottish Government published a major national delivery plan for improving Scottish education over the next few years. Drafted in response … Continue reading

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Critical questions for big data in education

Ben Williamson Image: Big data has arrived in education. Educational data science, learning analytics, computer adaptive testing, assessment analytics, educational data mining, adaptive learning platforms, new cognitive systems for learning and even educational applications based on artificial intelligence are … Continue reading

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